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Cash Flow Goals

Living requires cashflow. In Retirement, this is achieved through income sources such as pensions, social security, and withdrawals from retirement savings. The individually unique combination of these cashflow sources must be integrated into a retirement income plan.

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is a choice. It is tradition based on risk, or what is referred to as volatility. However, risk can also, and more importantly, be understood as the risk of running out retirement savings as a source of future cashflow. Traditional measures of risk fail to explain this depletion risk.

Sequence of Return

Sequence of Returns does not refer to average return. Most retirement planning tools rely on estimated average return assumptions, which fail to reveal the real impact of sequence of returns. A realistic plan will illustrate the influence of sequence of, rather than average, returns. Go ahead and watch the short video below for an easy explanation.

Sequence of Return

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Financial Advisors

clearPATH is informative, meaningful, and useable. It clearly communicates the ultimate purpose of a retirement income plan which is the impact of cashflow, asset allocation, and sequence of returns. This allows easy what-if scenario comparisons. Go ahead - change cashflow, alter outside sources of income, change asset allocation benchmarks for each account owned, as well as adjust the distribution order of accounts with ease. Then quickly compare the results of any combination of assumptions. clearPATH utilizes actual historical asset class data instead of static averages or difficult Monte Carlo assumptions. Quickly and easily generate plan reviews that allow you to make adjustments to keep your client on track towards retirement success.

Experience the Difference with Confidence in the Results

Build Multiple Scenarios & Reports for Every Client

Create the ultimate comparisons for your client by building multiple scenarios, with the ability for side-by-side comparison or creating a set of reports for each one.

Sample pages do not include Disclosure, Data Sources, Glossary, and Methodology reports.

Spending Goals & Income Sources, Risk Assessment, and Worst/Best/Latest Historical Rolling Period reports coming soon

81% of Pre-Retirees Think a
Retirement Income Plan Is

Source: "Retirement redefined: Understanding the modern retiree," Fidelity Investments, July 2013

77% of Pre-Retirees
No Plan

Source: "Retirement redefined: Understanding the modern retiree," Fidelity Investments, July 2013

Percentage of People With No Retirement Savings

Out of 100 People Who Start Working at the Age of 25, by the Age 65:

“Retirement Statistics – Statistic Brain.” 2014 Statistic Brain Research Institute, publishing as Statistic Brain. April 8, 2015

The Number of Senior Citizens in the U.S. Projected to More Than Double in 35 Years

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